Resurfacing: AMA, an underwater dance

Julie Gautier, daughter of a dance teacher and an underwater fisherman, decides not to sacrifice any of the passions transmitted by her parents and to unite them in a new art form. She is from Reunion Island, but she has been living in Nice since the age of 26. Here she started making artistic underwater videos with her partner, the world freediving champion Guillaume Néry, helping to bring a new look at the marine world. Their strength is based on using freediving to show both the camera’s points of view, in a perfect combination of performance, exploration and aesthetics. Completely self-taught, Gautier has turned her discipline into an art that claims to be inspired by dance, cartoons and cinema.

Julie Gautier, freediving champion, underwater model, director, cameraman, dancer, tells us her most intimate story in AMA , a video of an extreme delicacy and beauty shot in the deepest swimming pool in the world, the one in Montegrotto Terme, Y-40 , in which she is the protagonist. AMA is an underwater dance which narrates about the pain and the need to face it. A video, a story dedicated to all women, that aims to be a message of hope for all those who find themselves forced to face pain. Everything accompanied by a fantastic and evocative Italian style soundtrack entitled “Rain in Your Black Eyes”, composed by the great Ezio Bosso. The title, among other things, is strongly related to the theme that Gautier has decided to communicate us and the melody also is equally inherent to this delicate theme that everyone decides to interpret according to their own experiences and emotions. Not by chance, Julie Gautier herself said that the introduction of the film is completely dedicated to the song.

This masterpiece is a dance that dries your tears, embraces you and comforts you at the same time. When the pain is too great to keep inside, there is art to help us. Paradoxically, you shouldn’t hold it like the breath underwater in this performance, but you should externalize it, throw it out.

At the beginning of the video, in fact, we can see a woman crossed by rainy tears, from which, firmly, she decides not to escape. The rain falls on this woman like all those tears that she cannot and is unable to cry. In the next scene, the woman becomes almost like something spiritual and is now completely immersed in water. Lying at the bottom of an immense pool, she begins to move, maintaining her delicacy. This is where her dance begins. A delicate, touching and exciting dance that will slowly bring her to the surface and then she can finally breathe again.

The title AMA comes from the Japanese “woman of the sea”, a term used to depict the traditional underwater fisherwomen in search of pearls, who were very strong and united women. And it is to all the women of the world that the film is dedicated.

Art and psychology are two closely related dimensions in terms of overcoming traumatic events. Through art it is possible to express ideas and feelings associated with a traumatic event. Art, therefore, becomes an essential tool for communicating and transforming pain. A wonderful help for the metamorphosis of trauma.

In the ‘existence of everyone, who much more, who fortunately less, there are difficulties, problems, failures, moments of discomfort and discouragement, complicated and painful situations. It is here that reacting to difficulties, self-healing, becomes the only solution. According to some studies, it has been proved, especially in the female world, a wonderful physical and psychological ability to accept pain without removing it, to let be crossed by it, and in the end to use it not trivially to resist but to regenerate themselves. Because holding on is not enough, even though there are times when we can do nothing but hold on. It is not a question of making a virtue out of necessity, but precisely of growing through difficulty and pain.

“AMA is a silent film. It tells a story that everyone can interpret in their own way, based on their own experience. There is no imposition, only suggestions.

I wanted to share with this film my greatest pain in this life. Because it’s not too raw, I covered it with grace. So as not to make it too heavy, I immersed it in water.

I dedicate this film to all the women in the world”



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